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We received brilliant ratings in Ecovadi's supplier evaluation

We Fick Strålande Betyg I Ecovadis Leverantörsutvärdering

For the second time, We Consulting has conducted the organization Ecovadi's supplier evaluation and we are proud to reach top 30% of the world's companies. 

During the year's survey we achieved the result 60 and qualify us for their Silver Recognition Level, which means a ranking of their Top 30% of all evaluated companies around the world. That is a result we are very proud of.

The measurement is carried out by thousands of companies and measures the company's community commitment (ISO26000) and working conditions (OHSAS18001). The purpose is to ensure that we as suppliers have procedures and processes for good working conditions, against corruption and bribery, that we work for charity purposes and train our staff to a sufficient extent, among other things.

Two years ago, we conducted this measurement for the first time, when we were in the beginning, we were at the center of work to be certified. Then we got the result 44 out of 100 possible, which was good considering that we did not yet have a quality or environmental certification. The year's earnings of 60 were thus a substantial improvement.

"This is great fun and a good proof that we have managed to bring the whole company into long-term sustainability work, where the core comes from the employees and their initiatives.
The crucial thing is that the employees feel that we live our values ​​and contribute to society at large, not focusing on short-term economic results, which the measurement shows we succeeded well, says Patrik Olsson, Quality and Environmental Manager at We Consulting.

Want to know more about our CSR work? Contact Patrik Olsson!

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