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This year's most important championship - WeM!

During the weekend, nearly 40 games and motion suits were gathered: We are the World Championships in Bosön outside of Stockholm. It was time for the third edition of the annual championships and a weekend full of sports, community and relatively playful competitions (some are more competitive than others ... 🙂).

This year we competed in swimming, running, sprint, orientation, bullet and boules in the We championship and saw the separate golf tournament. It is free to set up in the branches that suit and those who do not want to compete can be included as functionaries and judges.

In the ladies class Viktoria Emmoth Kindbom won his total victory - beautifully fought! Equally well struggled Joel Carlson who won the men's class and Kajsa Sjölander who took home the golf bowl with brilliant games. Congratulations all three!

Here is the entire result list - a big thank you to all those who fought and fought like contestants or functionaries and made the weekend so very fun and good - what a bet! We are a company full of talent even outside the engineering arena clearly!


Ladies' total

1st Viktoria Emmoth Childbom 

2nd Elin Jakobsson 

3rd Jessica Knoester 

4th Katarina Henriksson 

Herrklassen total

1st Joel Carlsson 

2nd Jakob Brycki 

3rd Mats Rönnlund 

4th Anders Söderberg 

5th Jonas Widén  

WEM Gulf

1st Kajsa Sjölander

2nd Mats Olsson

3rd Anders Söderberg

4th Oskar Eriksson

5th Pierre Wallgren

6th Mikael Steinholtz

7th Elin Jakobsson

8th Mats Ylipää

9th Anders Färemo

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