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Corporate Responsibility

Because today we are building tomorrow's society



We build the infrastructure of the future, and in that role we feel it is extra important to take our responsibility for sustainable development. For us, we are committed to making decisions that benefit both the environment and society in the long term, such as the technology we work with, how our working conditions look and what we do for society beyond our daily business.

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Joy, simplicity and long-term is the guiding compass of everything we do and they make decisions and actions at all levels in our company. They affect everything from what we have for team activities to how and with which we choose to do business.
We want to spread them even outside our organization and ensure that our partners respect the environment and people in the same way as we do.

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One of our core values ​​is long-termism, and it's not just our business, but also our business environment. At We work on several ways to raise awareness about our environmental impact and facilitate employees to reduce it and bring sustainability into all parts of our daily lives.

We have developed an environmental policy that guides us at work!

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