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Sustainability for us

"We are the model and first choice for technical consulting services."

That's how our vision, together with our values, guides us when we build the infrastructure of the future. As a model, we want to take our responsibility for a sustainable world, which means that in our daily work, we always take our work based on that premise. What we do daily gives a direct benefit to and impact on our society. It implies a great responsibility, but also an expectation from our customers and employees we do not want to disappoint.

From the outset, we have built in that our business decisions are always taken based on what benefits the environment and society in the long term. Therefore, we start and engage actively in various projects about diversity, charity and community development.

Sustainability for us is also to facilitate our employees to have a good balance between work and leisure and to be in good health physically and mentally.

As technical consultants in network infrastructure, we not only influence technology and technology choices but also people, which in turn affects technology that changes society. It's about making good technology choices, but equally sharing our knowledge so that we can influence others to build together for the future.

We want and can contribute to a more sustainable development - today and beyond! In this expectation, our right of existence is created and with that responsibility we are an important social actor.

We take joy seriously.

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