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Our values

Far from words on the wall

Our value base of joy, simplicity and long-term is what guides everything we do, at all levels in our company. Everything from what we have for team activities, how and with which we choose to turn business into our value base.

We Consulting was founded in a strong vision to create a business where all decisions are made based on a long-term sustainable perspective in terms of short-term profits. It is not always easy, but with a clear and well-established value base we have a very good decision base.

Our values ​​are about respect, transparency and being inclusive and our name is no coincidence - We Consulting is and will continue to be a company that includes employees, customers and the outside world in a welcoming community.

Our values ​​are simply our everyday compass - far from a few words on a wall!



We believe that happy employees provide happy and successful customers!

We believe that happiness and motivation go hand in hand - that personal development and learning should be lustful. At We, we therefore prioritize meaningful team activities, an inspiring work environment and leadership that develop and engage the individual.


It should be easy to work with and together with We.

We will not build barriers and limitations in our processes without carefully assessing the benefits of loss of efficiency. We want an agile approach so that we can quickly adapt to changing requirements & conditions from employees, customers and the outside world.


We Consulting makes long-term sustainable choices for employees, customers and the outside world

We take responsibility for a sustainable environment, which means that we make decisions that benefit the environment and society in the long term. We engage in issues of diversity, charity and community development and make it easier for our employees to have a good balance of life.

WeGo: Charity

WeGo: is our concept of beneficial exercise - in double sense. The setup is simple - the more we move on, the more money we donate to a charity that all employees participate in and vote for.

WeGo is one of several activities we do for charity and that is extraordinary because the idea came from our co-worker and elders Jessika, who is seen in the movie next to it.

Everyone can do something and together we can do a lot!

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Employee-driven charity

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