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By sharing we get twice as good

Genom Att Dela Blir Vi Dubbelt Så Bra


Up with the questions on the table, share with you and see the possibilities. That's how we work and we know it works. We call our way of working We Share.

Shared knowledge is double knowledge. Therefore, since the start of We Consulting, we have regular meetings and networking within the company for various professional groups and specialists. We Share is our way of working to share knowledge, networks and experiences with each other. It also provides innovative solutions, develops our services and makes our employees even sharper - and everything our customers do.

- In January, for example, we had a full day in Stockholm with our team and delivery managers. Together with the management team, we looked at leadership and roles, business development and sales to structure and processes. Everything that is included in the daily work and what opportunities exist, says Lars Cronehag, sales and HR manager.

Between the meetings, the networks continue to work actively and keep in touch through, among other things, internal digital forums where current issues are discussed. The close contact and the feeling of working together also means that our consultants constantly have access to our total expertise in different areas.

- Because we know each other, we are happy to call a colleague at another office if you need help or advice. We share knowledge and challenges with each other and become better together. We have worked like this since the start and know how good We Share works, both to develop our customers, our offer, our company and our employees.

After working with We Share for almost six years, we also know that it is appreciated by our employees.

- To constantly develop within their area together with colleagues, feel that they make a better delivery to the customer and not least - have more fun at work - makes this a real success concept, says Lars Cronehag.

Do you also want to work in or together with a strong consulting team? Send a signal to Lars Cronehag at 0703-03 90 18 or email

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