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05February 19

By sharing we get twice as good

Up with the questions on the table, share with you and see the possibilities. That's how we work and we know it works. We call our way of working We Share. Shared knowledge…

20December 18

We are working for more women in the industry

At We Consulting, we actively work with gender equality, leadership and an inclusive corporate culture. Part of the work is that we engage in Womentor, a change and leadership program for companies ...

02November 18

From headache to vitamin injection

We have been and are good at building fiber in Sweden. World class, of course. Sometimes it's only been a bit quick and now when we get into the stage ...

01Oct 18

Digpro and We Consulting initiate a strategic partnership

Through a partnership between Digpro and We Consulting, a strong delivery capability is now being created in the documentation and management of the geographic operating system dpCom. This means for our current - and ...

22August 18

We open a new office in Växjö

Our assignments are both growing and becoming more - so this autumn we will open a new office in Växjö, in the middle of Småland! We are building a team that will work with network owners and operators in the region, but ...

14June 18

Several exciting assignments for Kungälv Energi

There is high pressure in Kungälv on the fiber front. New establishments, rural development, migration of documentation, new connections and fiber in the archipelago environment. In order to meet the challenges, Kungälv Energi has been working for several years ...

27March 18

We are one of Sweden's best workplaces

Now we have proven ourselves for a long time - we are one of Sweden's best workplaces! We have earned it the great award of the Great Place To Work research company that ...

09February 18

We climate compensate with Tricorona

At We Consulting, we try to travel as climate-friendly as possible and as little as possible. But sometimes we have to fly and a bit more often than that, our employees need to drive ...

29January 18

We Consulting works with Womentor

Last week we could finally start our first year with Womentor - a mentoring program involving more than just mentors and adepts. Womentor has been run since 2006, as a ...

24November 17

We're a Great Place to Work - Again!

This week we have received the results of this year's Great Place to Work survey and we would like to share good news like this this weekend! It's really fun that we not only ...

20Oct 17

We will help you get started with operational reliability

Pedagogical start-up workshop - Get started with operational reliability We Consulting has developed a starting-up for the members based on SSNf's management system for operational safety regulations. Workshop layout DAY 1 What does operational safety precautions mean?

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