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A model and a first choice for technical consulting services.

A different consultancy company

We Consulting is a different consulting company. For example, many employees are part-owners and there are some very good reasons for this.

We have emerged from the desire to create a company where strategic and operational decisions are taken based on what benefits its people, customers and the outside world - far beyond the quarterly horizon. A consultancy company where employees are partners, becomes viable, with happy and motivated people who develop. That in turn, we believe makes our customers successful and happy. Do you agree?

It's going to be fun and easy to work for and with us and that's nothing we're just saying. Happy customers and employees are something we take seriously!

Boring on the elk stand? No.

"What if there was a company that really gave me job satisfaction? How would such a company look like? Why not aim high from the start? "

Jonas thought about it when he was waiting for elk, a rainy November day in the forest of Värmland. There was a strong desire to create the perfect consultant company, one that he always wanted to work on himself, which became the seed of today's We Consulting. In a toughly exposed telecom industry there was a pickled need and others with the same longing; to work on a company that focuses on people and new business, far from quarterly economics and cost hunting.

We Consulting grew incredibly fast, from 0-100 employees in a year. Today, we are moving rapidly towards our vision, being a model and a first choice for technical consulting services in network infrastructure. We care about the individual, share our knowledge and results and deliver solutions that make a difference - and we will never let values ​​become empty words on a wall.

Quick facts about We

  • Founded May 1, 2013
  • 170 employees
  • ISO Certification Quality & Environment 2014 (ISO 9001/14001)
  • Office in 19 locations in Sweden and Norway
See our environmental policy


Focus on business pleasure and employees

We Consulting AB is part of a group together with Maintrac AB, We Consulting A / S, IKKAB and Töreboda Fiber AB. The main owners in the group are Sobro AB, a committed and long-term owner partner.
Many of the employees in the Group are also part-owners. It pays for commitment, long-term commitment and an obvious focus on customer benefit and delivery.
We have a total of approximately 330 employees at our 19 offices in Sweden and Norway. Among the customers are both national, regional and local network owners, operators, energy companies and property owners.

Overall solutions in telecom and energy

Within the Group, we have a complete offer to build, develop and manage fixed and mobile networks in telecom, power and real estate. We can take a holistic commitment in both telecom and energy. We offer a complete contract and deliver a ready-to-use network, but can also deliver hardware, consulting services and functional solutions.
Our customers have the most competitive offer in the fiber, mobile, energy, IT, IT, and real estate market. By sharing experiences and transferring knowledge, we help them continue to develop and maintain their position, today and in the future.

Our activities are divided into different companies, but we work together daily to take on the breadth and depth of our overall skills. It gives our customers a complete solution and employees dynamic and evolving work.

Read more about the Maintrac Group here.

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