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Pierre Wallgren CEO of the new company

Pierre Wallgren VD För Nya Bolaget

Pierre Wallgren will be the CEO of the joint venture that We Consulting and Ikkab will form. Since January 17, intensive work has been going on with what the merger will land in. Now there are many who are curious about how the work goes and when the results will be presented.

Why do you come up with a new common strategy and values?
Instead of working on one of the brands, we believe that the merger needs a greater deal about who we are and where we are going together. We want to ensure that we maintain the companies' different strengths and unite the corporate cultures within Ikkab and We consulting. To do this we need to develop a common strategy, values and a brand new brand together.

What differentiates and what is equal between the two companies?
There are two successful companies with strong corporate cultures, well-established values and established brands. Although the companies have different assignments and business, both are at the forefront of technology and opportunities. Instead of starting to compete in the same areas, the merger creates a leading technical consultant in several areas. Then both companies see the same as the most important success factor - our employees. If it is something I am sure of, it is that we will continue our work on our starting point in our employee relationship, as that is what makes us successful in the long term.

Tell us how you have driven the work?
It has been a high pace since the start of January 17 with all employees. We have conducted four workshops; in Borås, Stockholm, Växjö and Malmö with representatives from both companies and from all over Sweden. Right now, we are in a creative phase where the agency that helps us analyzes and produces, among other things, name, message and graphic profile linked to brand and business model. We focus on how we merge the company structure in concrete terms, from employee benefits to IT structure. I myself listen a lot to leaders and employees in the organizations to find out what works well and what we need to develop forward.

What have been the biggest challenges at work?
It is fantastic that both companies have strong corporate cultures and it can feel heavy to leave incorporated brands. But in order to get the best out of both companies, we have to build something new together. Therefore, the biggest challenge lies ahead of us and it consists of two companies becoming one - not just on the paper. We in the management have a responsibility to inform and engage all employees in this change process. It is also a responsibility of each employee to stay informed and involve themselves in the work. We have to do it together.

Many are curious - when can we see a result?
During the Summit 2019 in Aronsborg on May 10-12, we will present the common strategy, our new core values and launch the brand. It will be a fantastic fun weekend as we bring together the entire group to celebrate our strengthened interior and our brand new exterior. It is a unique opportunity to get to know each other in our different locations and understand what we deliver in our business. Then we must of course celebrate and have fun when we now set the platform and the starting shot for the future!

Pierre Wallgren, CEO
+46 709 39 69 64

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