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Svenska Kraftnät

On Svenska kraftnätet in Sundsvall, the management of Nord programs daily manages and coordinates about 60 projects in different phases. The program manages all projects for the Swedish national grid north of Dalälven, and We Consulting has had the confidence to support that work since 2013. 

Arne Hansson is Senior Project Manager at We Consulting and has worked full time as a program management support on Swedish power grid in Sundsvall since 2013, where he works with the control and control of Nord programs.

The program consists of about 60 stations and management projects relating to reinvestment and reinvestment in the Swedish grid north of Dalälven. Every year, an investment framework is set and Arne's team works out of it;

"It's our Bible, you can say," says Arne.

Arne's role is to work in the program that receives the project and support the project managers all the way so that the projects - and the program - get as successful as possible. Arne compiles all reporting from the projects, manages decision bases and deviations, and monitors costs, time, technical solution and resources.

"The role of program management support requires a good understanding of and good relationships with project managers. Program management should support them in order to achieve their goals. Important in my role is also to support the Program Manager and Program North to achieve our goals and continue to develop successfully. "
Arne Hansson, We Consulting

Arne Hansson, We Consulting

Program Nord has often been the first to initiate and develop new ways of working for Swedish power grid programs. For example, the program has introduced a resource planning process that has now been introduced generally for all 6 programs. Another example is developed procedures for following up goals and key figures, and where Arne has been involved.

"Within Nord program we are working proactively and with continuous improvements in working methods and processes. In this program management, Arne is driving and contributes with his experience and competence to our efficiency. "
Per Nyberg, Program Manager Svenska Kraftnät

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