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Cost effectiveness and construction management in focus when Swedish power network implemented one of Sweden's largest procurement in the energy sector, with which We Consulting gained confidence in project management.

Since March 2014, it has been planned and implemented, one of Sweden's largest energy procurement. Kajsa Sjölander, Project Manager at We Consulting, has been the main project manager for Svenska Kraftnät's major procurement.

I have had the goal of contributing to my previous experience, which I largely received from the telecom sector. I have also had a great humility and been open to new ideas and suggestions as it is a new industry for me.
Kajsa Sjölander, We Consulting

The procurement, which has now been completed, concerns national mainland maintenance and concerns maintenance of air lines and stations as well as forest maintenance. Kajsas and We Consulting's role has been to keep up all parts of the procurement work, drive the right results and control the procurement with a clear focus on cost-effectiveness and construction management.

In the maintenance procurement we have laid the foundation for significantly better control of all the work done on the grid, and all of our maintenance activities are now well-described and linked to checklists as well as price lists. Kajsa has worked well as project manager and helped us get the prerequisites for well-functioning construction management on site.
Hans Lagerergren, Swedish power grid


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