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Tear off for the investment in newly trained tech talents

Rivstart För Satsningen På Nyutbildade Tech-talanger

In just three months, the consulting and recruitment company We Tech Talents has gone from two to eleven employees. The recruitment needs of young graduates with a focus on IT and Technology are enormous and the investment is quite right in time.

- It has really begun for us with positive signals from both potential customers and candidates. We think we have a strong offer and a position that is right - something that is validated by both customers and the target group we work for. We work hard to create a modern link between engineers and the business community, and that we clearly take the point that a good technical education should pay off. We are proud of our offer and feel that we can really be a good start to your career with the right conditions from day one. We have also received Matilda Fransson as a recruiter and will also grow with another talented recruiter in the spring, which gives us even better conditions to meet our customers' needs, ”says Andreas Gremar, Head of Relations / Sales and one of the founders.
What are the needs of the companies?
- There is a great need for skilled engineers on the companies. The key is to have a good offer and stand for something that the engineers want to represent at the beginning of their career.
What do the students and young people say about newly educated people?
- The picture we get is that they appreciate a player who places great focus on career and who has an experience and knowledge of the companies in the region. You do not always know which companies exist or which culture they represent. This is something we can talk to them around and then link them to companies that are in line with their wishes.
What will happen next?
- We will continue to work hard to establish valuable relationships with our customers and candidates. In order to be valuable, we must create a value and we place great emphasis on this. Creating a culture and development for the consultants we already have is also high on the agenda. We are now in many interesting dialogues regarding how to find a customized way to recruit. We have already signed some framework agreements with customers who want to work with us and will continue to establish good contacts with companies and engineers at the beginning of their career.

About We Tech Talents
The approach to We Tech Talents is "A good technical education should pay off" and this is something that permeates the entire company. We Tech Talents should be a place where engineers early in their careers receive the conditions they deserve in the labor market, an employer where employees really enjoy and develop. In short, a stopover after the studies where you are happy to stay for a while before taking the next step in your career - either to our customers or within the Maintrac Holding group.
We Tech Talents was founded by friends and colleagues Andreas Gremar and Mikael Kron. Together, they have over 22 years of experience in the staffing industry with the work of creating education-related jobs for graduates early in their careers. Based on this experience, a driving force was created to create a consulting company with a premium feeling for the employees.

Do you want to know more? Welcome to contact us!

Andreas Gremar
Head of Relations / Sales
+46 72 2214369

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