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The merger with IKKAB leads to recruitment needs

Samgåendet Med IKKAB Leder Till Rekryteringsbehov

Now We and IKKAB are a new company. The name of the company is still a little secret. It is anchored within the company and tested by customers. As a natural consequence of the merger, the company needs to strengthen with more colleagues, especially in the Öresund region and Östergötland.

We and IKKAB have formally become a company. The starting shot went during the internal conference Summit 2019 on 10-12 May, with an internal launch of the new common strategy and values and also the new brand. After the holiday periods, the external launch will start seriously after the company has anchored and fine-tuned the last one at work. Adjustments are made in dialogue with employees and customers.

- We build on our success recipe, a strong corporate culture rooted in sound values where our employees constantly work to make our customers heroes. In our company, we build the workplace from the ground up, flat, simple and very fun on the journey. If you like to have a big impact on your work, you must work with us, says Pierre Wallgren CEO.

Investing in markets with a strong local presence
Already when We and IKKAB merged publicly, it became clear that the ambition with the merged company would be to build on the possibilities with the strong local presence and our overall delivery capacity. The offices will now broaden their customer offering with each company's business areas, which means a concrete need to become more colleagues to work closer with more customers.

- The investment is a natural consequence of our customers like what we do and we need to be able to answer the expectations of us as a supplier. Prioritized geographies are now the Öresund region and Östergötland with our offices in Malmö, Linköping and Norrköping as a starting point, where we need to ramp up within primarily property-related services. But we will grow in all of our 22 locations and in all three business areas, Communicate, Power and Living. We have a strong need for more colleagues already in Gothenburg, Örebro, Karlstad, Kalmar, Växjö, Uppsala and Stockholm so book a meeting with us and we will tell you more about your next step in your career, concludes Pierre

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