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Sweden has the lead on the fiber front

Sverige Har Täten På Fiberfronten

After a few days at the FTTH Council's conference in Amsterdam, we immediately leave the event hese and with messy bodies. The conference is expanding rapidly and has gathered over 3000 participants this year, which is a sign of a growing interest in fiber infrastructure in Europe.

As Swedish in this environment, we are struck by several different things. In a sense, it is like making a business trip a couple of years back in time, where the hot points on this conference's agenda are the same points that characterized our industry meetings a couple of years ago. The historical positions of the older infrastructure owners are challenged in different ways by new actors and frictions in between arise about which business models, which regulation and marketing are to be used.

As a consequence of the increasing number of new challenges, the conference is also undergoing a lively discussion on financing and how new network owners can attract the capital needed for a large-scale fiber roll-out in Europe.
There is also a discussion on the European consumers' willingness to pay in connection with a fiber roll-out. It generally seems that the European market has not yet really reached the point when network owners move from arguing for why the household should connect to instead of having to explain to the household why they cannot yet offer a fiber connection, which is the case in Sweden.

We cannot fail to feel proud of what we as a country have accomplished on the fiber front since it is referred to on a number of occasions by the Scandinavian model (which we choose to hear as the Swedish model).

On the other hand, you realize quite quickly that we are a vanishingly small country compared to the European markets. For example, this may mean that a low degree of fiber penetration in a country can nevertheless mean that more households have been fiber-connected than on our soon-completed market.

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