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Robust fiber education with the Nordic experts

We provide flexible education in Robust fiber at a fixed price. There are both open courses where you can register and tailor-made solutions where our experts train on-site with you.

Robust fiber is a long-awaited standardization for high quality and reliability that has been developed by the telecom industry, and where We Consulting as a leading player has been strongly contributing. Therefore, you can be sure that you or your staff get the best education - of the Nordic region's leading online infrastructure experts!

Education Robust fiber

For those who work with fiber facilities, there is now the possibility of taking a certificate of education or personal certificate for Robust fiber. It provides competitive advantages, is an important further education for the staff and shows that your company is a serious player.

More and more customers of fiber networks also require staff to be certified or have a certificate of education - so be prepared to be ready and one of the first players with a quality stamp!


Degrees and diplomas

Certificate of education is for you who work as an installer, construction technician, wire contractor contractor, surveyor or looking for more knowledge in the field of fiber network installation.

During the course we will review selected sections of "Instructions for robust fiber". The education is preparatory to you to pass the test certificate and comply with the requirements specified by Robust fiber.

At the time of the test you should be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills for the various minimum requirements in Robust fiber. You should also know where to find different types of information in the instructions.

Training for the diploma will be conducted by We Consulting.

I'm interested
  • Introduction
  • Fiber facilities project
  • An orientation - Networks and nodes
  • Preparations
  • Ducting
  • Optical cables
  • Shafts
  • Location
  • Traceability
  • Connection and termination
  • Environment and working environment
  • Installation methods
  • Site and node
  • Marking
  • Documentation
  • Inspection

Personal Certificates

Personnel certificate is for you who work as a projector, project manager, supervisor, surveyor, material supplier, contractor contractor or consultant.

The education goes through "Instructions for Robust Fiber" and gives you a deep knowledge of fiber facilities.

The education is preparatory for you to pass the personal certificate test and comply with the requirement specification that Robust fiber has developed.

We offer both open courses and on-site training.

More information and terms.

Education two days: 6900 kr ex VAT
Certification: 3800 kr ex VAT

I'd like to sign up
  • Introduction
  • Concepts and definitions
  • Web
  • Installation methods
  • Site and Node
  • Documentation
  • Inspection
  • Exchange of experiences
About training & final exam
  • The number of persons per class is maximized to 20.
  • Educational materials are in the form of instructions on
  • The education is in Swedish and the educational material is in Swedish.
  • At the time of the training there will be the opportunity to carry out a diploma or personal certificate certificate.
  • For examinations, a fee is added to the certification body, which is invoiced directly between the applicant and the certification body.

Certificate of Education: 600 kr ex. VAT

Personnel certificate facility: 3800 kr ex VAT

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