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The WE brand disappears

Varumärket WE Försvinner

The merger between We consulting and IKKAB will result in a completely new strategy and brand platform. The work comes largely from the sixteen brand ambassadors appointed within the company. Both companies have previously worked extensively on valuation-guided self-leadership in flat organizations and have strong corporate cultures based on the employee. The new joint brand will be launched on 11 May at an internal conference. The WE Consulting brand will be wound up after the summer.

In order to ensure expansion in a changing market, IKKAB and WE Consulting are consolidating their operations in a new business model and new common brand platform. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the customers to understand and then select the parts of the overall customer offering that support their growth. The process has been going on for a couple of months and now the platform will be launched at an internal conference on Saturday 11 May. Sabine Zimmerl – Berg from We Consulting is one of 16 brand ambassadors who have been involved in the work. Sabine tells:

- The process has been very intensive with exciting assignments where we have really got to think about. One challenge was to speak the same language - the same word could for example have different meanings depending on whether you were from IKKAB or We. But even so, the similarities were striking when it came to the view of values and customer perspective. In the work included a future perspective that one easily forgets in their own everyday life and for me it became concrete and submitted a positive belief in the future of our common brand.

Martin Malik from IKKAB is also a trademark ambassador and he tells about the work process:

- We carried out a total of five workshops where we gathered at both We and IKKAB in various offices around Sweden. At the first three workshops, we answered hundreds of questions and the last two were more playful with polls and smart motivations to get our core values and common identity.

The new platform consists of a new business model, core values, mission, vision and common identity. The result is an exciting combination of two highly complementary companies that can now offer new and strategic business values for current customers. A couple of weeks ago, all the brand ambassadors and the leadership within the companies got the new platform presented. Sabine tells:

- Now that I have learned about the result, it is astonishingly much recognizable and I am happy to take responsibility for participating in it. In the material that was presented, I really got the feeling of being directly involved and I hope that all employees who have not had the privilege of being involved will still recognize themselves in the value words and our future message to employees as well as our customers. The new brand strategy points out a direction, but how we get there and what we fulfill our reality with over time we do, all employees together.

Martin agrees and fills in:

- I believe that everyone will receive it positively and be able to recognize themselves in the new brand. The best part is that it is really modern and easy to identify with. The new core values reflect the cultures of both IKKAB and We Consulting and at the same time create our new common culture.

The merged company will now become a unified power center that with life and desire will produce profitable customer values, inspire employees, be gentle on mother earth and strive to make society smarter and the world a little better.

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Sabine Zimmerl-Berg, We Consulting, 
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