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We are looking at trends at MWC Barcelona

Vi Spanar Trender På MWC Barcelona


This week, MWC Barcelona (Mobile World Congress) is in progress and We obviously have a team in place to track trends and industry development. It happens very exciting!

The focus is on 5G at both operators, network equipment manufacturers and service providers. The focus begins this year to shift towards showing the actual "Use Case" and the benefit of 5G. We see more of "How" you can do your business, and not as much "that" you can technically as in previous years. The large operators show a great many different services, such as gaming, VR, AR, drone control and industrial applications.

We also see some tedious collaborations in various forms between, on the one hand, manufacturers of network equipment such as Ericsson and Nokia and on the other hand industrial customers and service providers.

At the fair, we also checked in Huawei and their exciting Mate X with folding screen and 5G. Really cool! We have also seen Samsung's S10 with 5G, and watched it stream 4k video. Fun with new technology and what opportunities it offers!

Nokia comes with a 5G antenna with Massive MIMO that is liquid-cooled (!) So energy can be reused. We like that!

Please follow our team reporting with more pictures and videos on our Instagramkonto


For more information Please feel free to contact Patrik Olsson or +46 725 26 67 27

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