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We are working for more women in the industry

At We Consulting, we actively work with gender equality, leadership and an inclusive corporate culture. Part of the work is that we engage in Womentor, a change and leadership program for companies in the IT and telecom industry who want to remedy the gap between the proportion of women and men.

Sara Kebert, our consultant manager in Stockholm, has participated in the program during the year.

"It has been very exciting and developing to get to know so many female colleagues, and to learn how other companies work with leadership.

The program consists of several parts - a leadership training, a personal mentor and various project work.

"During the year I have had several eye openers, things that you make and think of old habit but as I now learn to change. Historically, for example, I had a tendency - unknowingly - to set higher demands on female applicants than male. Research also shows that it is common to look at the potential of male applicants while women are judged on their merits. I have now realized and changed. Becoming wary and reflecting on their own behavior in the daily life is extremely important, says Sara Kebert.

Changing thought lines and invasive patterns is of course nothing to do overnight. It requires active work in everyday life and in all contexts when people meet.

"It is clear that such a change must come from within the organization - that you live as you learn. Our managers must be better at actively including all employees - regardless of sex, age or if you are alone in their occupation at work.

In Womentor, not only are adepter like Sara involved, but the entire company is involved in the trip. Attending was an obvious choice for We Consulting.

"We become models and we will be helped with development tools. It is important for us and the industry to be involved in creating the conditions and developments in the issue of gender equality and diversity, "says Lars Cronehag, HR Manager.


Facts Womentor

Womentor has been running since 2006 as a change and leadership program for companies in the IT and telecom industry that want to remedy the sluggish gender distribution in the industry. The main aim is to increase the proportion of women throughout the industry and increase the ability of individual companies to attract and retain the best talent, whether they are men or women.

The main focus is on increasing the proportion of women in the management position, as research shows that more women in managerial positions have a positive impact on the proportion of women in the company, and that progress in prominent companies in turn has a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

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